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Defining Little, Big Wavemakers – the Soon-To-Be Heart of Influencer Marketing

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The concept of a spherical earth was alive and kicking in the 6th Century BC. It took about 300 years more for it to be established. Fast forward more than two and a half millennia, and we still have one of the foremost astrophysicists of the world tweeting, near regularly, about it.

Their relevance to this commentary is not remote. We’re proving that new ideas germinate scepticism. People don’t like to accept changes to the status quo. Since we are the new kid on the block, we ‘know’ that folks will have a lot of questions for us. Here’s are tuppence-worth on micro and nano-influencers or what DYT calls ‘the wavemakers.

Micro or Nano-Influencers – Taking A ‘Follower’ And ‘Following’ Look

Not so far in the past, celebrities were courted and paid in damn too many zeroes to plug stuff on their social media posts. Those days will soon be lost in the mists of antiquity because the winds of change have risen.  Brands are wooing commonplace individuals and relatable Instagram citizens. Netizens who are ordinary folks with a minimal following, but all of them people they either know or interact with.

The powers-to-be call them nano-influencers or micro-influencers, depending upon how many followers they have. Generally, it is less than 10,000.

Why Do These Little, Big Influencers Matter?

First of all, they more than matter. They make a meteor-sized impact due to their authentic takeaway. Think about it, who are you more likely to believe when they say that a Clinique hydrating gel is a godsend:

  1. a random influencer with  400,000 followers
  2. a discerning friend who has been diligently and accurately talking about skin care

The answer is always the latter because you know that if they are recommending the gel it is ‘cause it actually works and not because of the moolah that come with posting an #ad.

To say it as simply as possible, wavemakers have followers who trust their recommendations unreservedly.

Second of all, the chances of every person on social media following at least one wavemaker is very high. Why? Because they are run-of-the-mill people:

  • who haven’t gotten “Insta-famous”
  • whose posts are not a Rolodex of #ads or #partnerships with brands

Third of all, it isn’t too out of left field that brands, and companies are moving from internet celebrities to small-time influencers to pitch their products.

  • Their engagement with followers is 60% higher than established influencers (source) because their followers are real people (and not bots). The lack of fake followers is just part of it; the other is human nature defined as:

Less Followers = More Interaction = Greater Trust = More Belief.

  • The cost of hiring a wavemaker instead of an influencer can be as low as 6.7% for every engagement. (source)
  • The probability of conversion is much more with a micro or nano-influencer.

The uninitiated wonder why a beauty mammoth like Sephora will court a regular digital citizen with just a touch over 8000 followers? Because these “ordinary” people are akin to oracles in their respective fields. With a single picture post of doing what they love, they create waves that reach far and last long. Their very legitimacy drives every one of their followers to consider the product used or service talked about.

The End of Celebrity Demigods, Rise of Wavemakers

In an age where the infestation of fake-followers is so high that tools that weed out bots are thriving, wavemakers are not just genuine breath of fresh air but the dernier cri. While the time of announcing the demise of Insta-celebs in gloomy tones hasn’t come yet, it is becoming increasingly apparent that their end is imminent. The long rap sheet of bot-followers, misleading engagements or lack of conversions is driving the growth of micro-influencers. Every business wants to find people who honestly advocate their product or service to the wider web.

Where do you look for these content creators who love what they do? Cybernauts who fashion the Golden Triangle of:

  • Producing excellent content which racks up shares, comments and likes
  • Exceptionally adept at juggling social media
  • And the zeal to hustle and how!

This brings us back full circle. Do Your Thng is that space. A community of ordinary people who build extraordinary content. A league for people who make waves by sparking interest in others – a platform for micro and nano-influencers.

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